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Vejen City Hall, 1973


Collaboration vs. Isolation

Three sculptural mosaics, each 6ft x 3ft

For the Vejen City Hall project, my design illustrated the ‘genesis process’, that is necessary for people to find solutions within a group. In regards to the design, I had wanted to integrate my design with the horseshoe layout of the tables at the city hall. 

The mosaic in the middle represents the fusing and necessary compromise between political parties, whereas the mosaic on the right shows the idea of isolation, when parties turn their backs to each other. The mosaic on the left side illustrates a joining together.

Before this commission, I had been studying art in Mexico City. It was during a turbulent time in the sixties, and I experienced the power of politics. I saw how a poor country tries to change, for instance, by using artists to do murals, exposing the indigenous history and culture and I met artists like Sequieros.  

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