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Art is like music , it stimulates the mind and the senses. With this in mind I build my pieces with emphasis on space, form, color, line, rhythm, and content. Artists are image makers and like the world’s antennas, they feel, think and express reality. I am inspired by the German Bauhaus movement and the early Mexican muralists, such as 

David Alfaro Siqueiros, who I was lucky to meet during my studies in Mexico Ciity. 


• 1965-66 Drawing with Hans Christian Hojer, The Glyptotek, Copenhagen.
• 1966-67 Academy of Art, Ravenna, Italy. Mosaics studies and practice.
• 1967-69 Diplom Designer, Krefeld School of Architecture, Art and Design, West Germany. Glass studies and practice.
• 1969-70 National School of Painting and Sculpture, La Esmeralda. Mexico City.
• 1970-74 Bachelor of Arts, Aarhus University, Denmark. Art History and a teaching qualification.


• 1973 Juried spring exhibit, Aarhus, Denmark.
• 1977 European juried glass exhibit, Coburg, Germany.
• 1994 Danish Glass, Juried show. Ebeltoft Glass Museum, Denmark.
• 1995 Solo show, Women’s Museum, Aarhus, Denmark.
• 1996 Glass,Glass,Glass. Juried Group Show, Copenhagen, Denmark.
• 1998 Garten Glass Plastiken show, Munster, Germany, Juried.
• 1998 Observations, Rundetaarn, Copenhagen, Danish Group glass show.
• 1999 Water, light, glass, Ebeltoft Glass Museum, Denmark, Juried.
• 2000 Religious Glass, Ebeltoft Glass Museum, juried.
• 2002 Politikens Gallery, Solo show, Royal Nytorv, Copenhagen.
• 2004 Couturier Gallery, Cienega Blvd., Los Angeles. Group Show.
• 2004 Icy. Solo show. Nordic Heritage Museum, Seattle.
• 2006 McGear Modern, Bergamot Station, Los Angeles, USA. Group Show.
• 2006 Global Art Venue, Pioneer St. Seattle, USA. Group Show.
• 2007-2012 Regularly exhibited at Ventura Artist Union, USA. Group show.
• 2008 Temporary sculpture. State St. Santa Barbara, USA.
• 2009 Temporary sculpture. “Art on Parade”, Denver, Colorado, USA.
• 2010 Sculpture invitational, Palm Desert, Ca. Temporary placement of a sculpture at Paseo St. 2010-2011.
• 2010 Figures and Spaces. Solo Show. BAA, Ventura.
• 2010 From figures to abstractions. Solo Show at Channel Island University, CA, USA.

• 2010 First Ravenna, Italy International Show. Showing Port Hueneme mosaic, Architectura musiva.
• 2011 Cultural Fusion. Solo show. Solvang Museum, Calfornia, USA. Solvang’s Centential celebration.
• 2011 National juried group show, Long Beach 2nd City Council Art Gallery.
• 2011 Rheeway Gallery, Korea town, L.A. Group show.

• 2011 Juried international mosaic show,"Tessere". Long Beach.
• 2012 American Glass Works, Ojai Valley Museum. Group

• 2012  Vita Art Center, Ventura. "Transparencies".

• 2014 Fredens Church, Odense, DK. Solo exhibit.

• 2014 Guest exhibiting at SAK, Svendborg, DK

• 2014 Danish Heritage Museum, Iowa.

• 2016 SAMA International Juried, Women"s Museum,San Diego, Ca.

• 2016 La casa, Santa Barbara


• 2017 Napa City, Ca. Sculpture on loan. "Color molecules".

• 2017 Tower installation, Langeland, DK. 5 mosaics.

• 2017 "Langelands Septet," reinaugurated, Nordea Rudkøbing, DK

• 2015  Entry sign, Westpark Community Center.  Won Competition. 8'x3'.

• 2016  3 benches with mosaics Westpark Community Center

• 2014  Ventura Ave. Adult Center, "Wall play", 8' x 4'. Tiles. Kick starter funded, County of Ventura.

• 2013  Ventura Beach Promenade Parking Structure, 4 walls 9' x 10'. Tiles. " Seaweed and Shells."

• 2012  Camarillo Animal Shelter, Memorial Bench, with tiles.  48" x 15" x 17".

• 2012 Interview/film with Focus on the masters, Ventura. 

• 2011 Port District, Ventura. Fountain by the entrance.

• 2011 Hotel Indigo, State Street.4 Fused glass pieces placed by parking lot.

• 2010 Sculpture invitational, Palm Desert. A sculpture on loan program for El Paseo middle divider.

• 2009 Northglenn, Co. Temporary sculpture on loan program, "Art on parade".  "Color molecules 1".

• 2008 Santa Barbara temporary sculpture program, State Street, "Color molecules 1"

• 2007 Karup Gymnast Building, Aviation School, DK. 5 gymnast figures, 7'x 3', placed outside.

• 2007 Karup Aviation School, DK, a glass installation, 12'x6'x6'. Stainless steel and fused glass. "Airy".

• 2005 "Piru circles", 15 mosaic circles placed in the pavement in Piru,Ventura County. 30" in diameter.

• 2004 Water & Power Field Service building, Van Nuys,Los Angeles. 24' x 7', "Harvesting energies". Mosaic

            Competition for Southern Californian artists..

• 2003 Stained glass with photo transfers, FAMU School of Business and Industry, Tallahassee, Fl. 350sq'.                     National competition. " Windows of the world".

• 2002 Department for children & families, Tallahassee, Fl. 8 panels for a  glass balcony,"linking". National

            Competition. 3' x 3'.

• 2002 2 memorial mosaic benches for Olivas Adobe Rose garden. 6' x 15" x 15". Parks & Recreation, Ventura

• 2001-2006. Lead artist at Westside Community Enhancement Project, Won competition for S.Calif. artists.

            2 Gateways, 9'x 50"x 50". Titled," Westside stories". Designed intersections and walkways for

            colored pavement. Stanley and N.Ventura Ave.

• 2000 Senior Center, outside tile mosaic mural, 9' x 8'. Grant from Ventura Art's Council. "Abundance of DNA"

• 2000 Odense, DK. St. Knud's Junior College. 28 glass panels, North and South walls," The human web". 

            Tempered/painted glass. Fabricated at Scan glass, Korsør, DK.

• 1998 Stained glass/color scheme for Hogager Church, Jylland, DK. Designed and fabricated window. 7sqm.

• 1998 Barranca Vista Recreation Center, Ventura. "Day and night". Project with kids. Mosaics. 2' x 5'.

• 1998 Public Works Building, AlHambra, Los Angels. Tile mural in Cafeteria."Roads and waterfall",16' x 6'.

• 1996 Netto's wall, Rudkøbing, DK. " City pattern ". Painted/tempered glass. 3' x 3'.

• 1996 2 choir windows, Finnerup Church, Jylland.

• 1995 Aarhus Scandinavian Center, Elevator shaft. "City map". 24 sqm. Painted/tempered glass. Scan Glass.

• 1994 Uhre Church, Choir window, leaded glass, 7sqm. and color scheme in church.. 

• 1993 Chumash Indian Interpretation Center, Oakbrook Park. Moorpark, Ca. 17 mosaics, 10" x 30", placed               under the lamps outside the center. Won competition for Southern Calif. artists. Designs from caves.

• 1991 The Wright Library, today Ventura College. Mosaic in 4 parts, "Earth pieces". Located in Patio. 3' x 6'.

• 1989 Port Hueneme Library, designed by Architect Scott Ellingwood.  Floor and wall mosaics, "Water lines". 

            300 sq'. Commisssioned by the City of Port Hueneme and The friends of the library.

• 1988 Odense Free School, Dk. 18 outdoor mosaics,"puzzles". Placed in school yard. Albani Funds, Odense.

• 1987 Rudkøbiing square. "Streams" floor mosaic, in marble and glass. 15sqm. Nordea and Brugsen, a pre-

            sent to Rudkøbing's 700 anniversary as a town of commerce. Designed, fabricated and installed by me.

• 1986 Brønderslev Church, 24 small leaded glass windows installed in the nave. "Creation story", eft side and

            stories from The New Testament. Designed and fabricated by the artist.

• 1985 Aarhus Provins bank,DK.  Mosaic in 4 parts. "The big bang".

• 1984 ATP Hillerød,DK. 5 leaded glass windows for cafeteria. Various sizes and themes.

• 1983 Fyn's Amts Savings and loan, today Nordea Bank. mosaic,"Daily life in Rudkøbing".

• 1982 Gislev Free School, Fyn, DK. 2sqm.  External mosaic.

• 1982 The Skovgaard's School for mentally disabled. " The sun fun". Mosaic in small boxes, 3sqm. Cafeteria.

• 1981 The Metal Worker's Union, Copenhagen." The unemployed". Mosaic.

• 1980 Lystrup School. 1 outdoor and 3 indoor mosaics, "School kids". 

• 1979 Greve Strand Public Swimming Hall. A mosaic, placed at Judges' stand."Swimmers".4sqm.

• 1979 Grindsted City Hall, DK. Mosaic in irregular forms, "Human needs".

• 1979 Damager School, Greve Strand. 7 mosaics, irregular formed. "School kids".

• 1978 Skive Gymnasium,Jylland, DK.  irregular shaped mosaic, "Imploring". 1,5sqm.

• 1978 Smørum Ledøje School. DK.3 wall mosaics.

• 1977 Arenillas, Equador. Pool for kids, ( Army camp) "kids in a canoe" . 35sqm. mosaics. Done with soldiers.

• 1976 Rudkøbing Resthome. DK. "Between sun and moon".2 wall Mosaics. 4 sqm.

• 1976 Aarhus Adventist church, DK.. Mosaic in entry hall, "The sowing".

• 1976 Aarhus Skovvangs high school. DK. 18 sqm. "Sprouting". Stained glass in school hall.

• 1975 Hjallerup Church. Choir stained glass, 13 sqm.

• 1974 Herning Højschool,artist in residence.  2 mosaics,"bodies".

• 1973 Aarhus University, Psycological Department. External mosaic," There is always an entrance". Rømer fund.

• 1973 Vejen City Hall. 3 mosaics, "Isolation/collaboration". 8sqm. 

• 1973 Kassebølle Free school, elementary school. Langeland, DK.  "Balancing", Mosaic in 2 parts.

• 1972 Brønderslev Church. 2 choir stained glass.  50cm x 1m. (Bene award) 

• 1968 Nordea Bank. "Langelands Septet. Inspired by poem of Frank Jaeger. Reinaugurated 2017, 3sqm.

• 1966 Langelands School of economics. 2sqm. "Young gettogether".


• Bene award. "Ministry and liturgy international magazine".  2000,2003

• 4 fellowships from Ventura arts Council. 91,98, 2000,2003.

• Det Suhrske Legat,1972.

• San Cataldo Grant, Italy.1972.

• Focus on the masters, 2012. Ventura.

• Grant from Ventura County 2012.

• Ventura art's Council, 2012.

• Ventura Major's award. Artist in the Community, 2014.


• Ventura City Collection

• Ebeltoft Glass Museum.


• Sama mosaics conference, Austin, 2011. Space and design.

• Ventura College, Adult education. Stained glass. 1985

• Ventura College, mosaics. 2011.

• Holbaek School for glass craftsmen, "New lead".

• Silkeborg Glass school, Anja. Mosaics for beginners.2005.

• Ventura Adult Center,2015,16,17, Beginning mosaics.


• Tile industry news, vol 33 no.4, 1990.

• Better town spaces, (Bedre byrum), Jan Gehl.DK. 1991.

• Weilbacks Dictionary, 1998.

• Menighedsraadenes Magazine,No.6.

• De Farver, (Colors)The painters union's magazine, spring 96,98.

• Coburg Glass prize catalog, 1977 page 35.

• Dansk Glas exhibit 1994, Danish Glass catalog, Ebeltoft Glass Museum.

• Glass,glass,glass catalog.1996 

• Observations catalog, Rundetaarn.Glass exhibit.1998.

• Glass plastiken, Munster Germany,92,94,98,2000

• Ministry and Liturgy magazine, 2000,vol. 27, 2003, vol.30

• DanAir Magazine, 1993. Cover.

• Faith and Form, International Magazine, 2008. "From brown to yellow and green".

• Seasons Magazine, Santa Barbara. Art and architecture, Sept. Oct. Nov. 2008.(9 who dare work big.)

• Glass in places, Helle Scharling-Todd's work by Solvej Todd. 80 colored pages.

• Dansk Glaskunst, by Ole Villadsen, 2012. page 128-129.

• Glasmaler und lichtgestalter,nach 1945, Krefeld und der Niederrhein, 2012 by Joachim Albrecht.




• Speaker at mosaic symposiums, Germany, Egypt,Turkey,Italy, Japan,Brazil, Austria, Greece, Belgium etc.

• 20 min film 1969 about Mexican mural development, shown in Danish TV, 74.

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